Glas?Klar! Clear as Glass – Workshop 2018

Glass Processing

Wednesday 30.05.2018, 8:20 – 12:45

How to shape perfect glass surfaces? How to shape smooth, flat, small, thin glass products? These will be the central questions of the 2018 students’ workshop in Bayreuth. The topics will be addressed in tandem talks: renowned senior experts will teach the basics together with young researchers who will present their current research projects founded on these basics. Teams from universities, institutes of technology and industry will combine textbook knowledge with insights into ongoing investigation for modern glass applications.

Session chair: Prof. Edda Rädlein



Edda Rädlein, TU Ilmenau


Forming of glass particles 

Prof. Thorsten Gerdes, Uni Bayreuth


Production of glass flakes and use as separators in Li-ion batteries


Uli Schadeck, Uni Bayreuth




Process chain for precision optics (?) or Simulation / sensing in optic fabrication(?)

Research topic (?)  Mario Pohl HS Aalen

N.N. HS Aalen





Coffee break


Polishing in the fabrication of precision optics

Dr. Oliver Fähnle, Fisba AG CH


The critical success factor slurry in the polishing process

H. Trum, TH Deggendorf


Laser Processing of Glass

Prof. Jens Bliedtner, EAH Jena


Laser polishing and forming

Anne-Marie Schwager, EAH Jena


Final discussion

Edda Rädlein, all