Clear as Glass 2017 – Glas?Klar! – Glass surfaces

Wednesday 31.5.2017, 8:30 – 12:45

“There’s plenty of room on the bottom” (Richard Feyman, 1961)
Let’s step out to explore vitreous nanospaces!

In 2017, the topic of the students’ workshop will be glass surfaces. What are the differences in bulk and surface properties? What are the intrinsic characteristics of surfaces with different histories? How does surface govern glass behavior?
In three lectures from renowned glass surface experts and with a practical course on in situ analysis we will explore the exciting frontiers of glass surface research

Lecture topics will be topology, chemistry and mechanics of glass surfaces. production induced surface quality, surface design and enhanced strength will also be addressed.

The practical course requires your individual contribution: we offer the methods – you allocate the questions! What do you want to know on glass surfaces? Bring your own samples, glass, coatings, or stuff to compare to glass. Find out what information is provided by in situ measurement of

  • roughness
  • contact angle
  • stray light
  • scratch and wipe resistance.

Learn about the requirements of sample preparation. Learn about nanolandscapes, interaction with liquid media, reflection of light and mechanical resistance. Learn about precision and limits of the methods. Learn about design of surface analysis methods. What new method would you prospect for your research?

The course is limited to 25 participants on a first come base.