Students Special Program

Monday 13.05.2019 from 9.00 to 12.00 in "Blauer Salon"

Germany/France, so close but so different!

Intercultural workshop moderated by Christian Schäfer „deutsch-französisches Institut Erlangen“

German and French people differ in many aspects and that needs to be taken in account not only in the daily life but also in the professional relationships. The way of saying things, the notion of time and punctuality, the hierarchy and structure of companies differ significantly. Some tips will be given especially on how properly write your CV in each country.

Monday 13.05.2019 from 15.00 to 16.20 in "Blauer Salon"

Exchange possibilities between France and Germany

Round table moderated by Prof. Dominique de Ligny with the presence of representatives from the French Consulate in Munich and of Dr. Christian Schmitt-Engel from the graduate school of the University of Erlangen.

An overview of the financial support between the two countries will be presented. In a practical way will be explained the modalities to be done to set up a “cotutelle”. Witnesses will tell what these exchanges have brought them in their careers.

Tuesday 14.05.2019 from 8.30 to 10.00 in "Blauer Salon"

Clear as Glass - Surface Properties of Glass

Prof. Dr. Edda Rädlein from TU Ilmenau and Dr. Odile Majérus ENSCP-Paristech

Theoretical and interactive training on the theme "surface properties of glass and alteration”. The teaching is aimed for students. The basic will be quickly exposed so everyone can follow without prerequisite, at the exception of a curious mind!

Tuesday 14.05.2019 from 10.40 to 12.20 in "Blauer Salon"

Future of employment in the glass industry and academy

Round table moderated by Thomas Jüngling, executive director of the DGG-HVG, with the presence of different actors of the industrial and academic world.

The need of glass actors will be discussed not only in term of opportunities but also of competences.

Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning in "Salon Hans Sachs"

A system of, so called, “speed dating” will be organized to put in contact students with professionals. More than possible job hunting, these one to one moments are thought to give an opportunity of spontaneous coaching of students by professionals who went throw the difficult moment between the end of the studies and a permanent job position. A room will be available for these exchanges.

Tuesday 14.05.2019 starting 17.30

Guided tours

All students are invited to take part in a guided tour of the old town of Nuremberg on Tuesday – 14.05.2019 starting 05.30 pm at the Foyer of the Hotel.

Wednesday 15.05.2019 from 14.30 to 15.10 in "Blauer Salon"


This short moment will be dedicated to outline the positive and negative points of the Student Special Program. So a new and better Program will be then proposed next year in Orléans, France.

We thank our partner for the kind support